Your goals
are our passion

We strongly believe in investing in health, whether it may be time, effort or sweat. Nobody can put a price on health.

Gear Up! Meal Prep is a company formed with a variety of qualified health professionals who are experienced in Health, Nutrition and the Human Body. This gives us the upper hand in knowing what’s right for the body to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Whether it may be for fitness goals or health reasons.

The team have spent months researching the latest methods to make sure our customers receive the highest quality and nutrient-dense food. Our chefs, with a combined experience of 30 years + and staff which hold qualifications in Human Biology, Physiology, Food and Nutrition will ensure your fitness goals are met.

We also understand how difficult it is to keep a healthy diet while having a busy schedule. Correct nutrition is by far the most important aspect of a healthier body and a healthier lifestyle.

Each meal is prepped specifically and made to a set standard by our chefs. Quality assurance at each stage of each meal is put in place to ensure perfection. This also includes precision weighing to make sure the correct amounts of macros are put into your meals. Quality and customer care are a priority for Gear Up! Meal Prep.

We’re here to do 70% of the work for you so you can achieve your dream body. Let us take care of the chopping, mixing and calculating. Whatever your aim, we are here.



Halal healthy meals

Alhamdulillah! All our meat is from
HMC Approved Suppliers